More Information and Examples

Cancellation / Changes to Mode of Attendance

Cancelling your registration to the conference or changing your mode of attendance from in-person to digital form (or vice versa) will be free of charge up until August 31st, 2021. After this deadline, a cancellation of your registration or a change from in-person to digital attendance will incur a late-fee of 15€.

Possible Scenarios Regarding Change of Attendance

For example, if a participant chooses ‘in-person attendance’ on his or her initial registration form, then wishes to change this to the digital form after the August 31stdeadline, the sum cost of participation will be 30€ (15€ for the digital conference form, 15€ late-fee).

Conversely, if a participant wishes to change his or her initial choice of ‘digital attendance’ after the August 31st deadline in order to attend the conference in-person, the price for the upgrade will remain 45€/90€, depending on eligibility for the reduced rate (for more information regarding the reduced rate, click on this link); no late-fee will be required. However, in the case of this late change, participation in the Conference Reception and Dinner can no longer be guaranteed.

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